I now understand that I should not be expecting. The Lord said “It is finished” and that “He has overcome the world” So no more expectations. It is just waiting upon the Lord.

The Lord however expects from us. He is Expecting that we trust Him, expecting that we will let Him take control, expecting that He will save us from this world let alone ourselves that we may live a life of joy, love and amazing grace.

I pray that the Lord guide me to meet His expectation the way He wills it. 


Challenge accepted


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Today presented itself with a challenge. I prayed and claimed that God will help me find a way to overcome this challenge like He always does. I am confident in my Lord just as how He was saved me from the grave. He is faithful until the end and He has never abandoned me.

I am excited to see how things will turn out the way He has planned it. I am ready for your pleasant surprise Lord. Thank you in advance!


I hope that I will be able
To show the Lord how I love Him so
I hope to demonstrate through my
Humble life how He has saved and changed me
My fervent prayer: that my love for Him may be so evident
Just like the rays of the sun shine through our eyes
that when those ray of light catches on other eyes
It will bring them to take a look at
The beauty of the sun,
To realize the majestic of work of His hands, and to experience the
Warmth of God’s love the same way He has fired up the embers of my lost soul.


The world guarantees disappointments
It guarantees heartaches and failure
It guarantees people who will take advantage of your kindness and will hurt you in a way you have never imagined

The Lord, however, is over and above this world. He is faithful, never changing, merciful and good. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. He guarantees that His plan is better and that He is always in control.

Stay with the world, you will be broken and abandoned.
Stay with the Lord, you will be healed and rescued.

No matter what

I have realized that as you serve the Lord, you can never choose the circumstances in which you serve the Lord. Regardless of what is going in your life, you have been called to serve. If you remind yourself always that you have been made to worship and never fail to do so then the circumstances will change and you will know that nothing is impossible with God!

~Jown. Trusting the Lord ~




I am of Royal Spirit. Heir to one whose kingdom is of the heavens. A child of the King of Kings. My father owns everything that the eyes can see and even beyond that. My dad’s love is wider than the universe, His mercy is forever and His promises are sure as the sun rises every morning.

I am a child of God.

Unloading the load


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I am not one to complain and it has never been my character to complain. I always see the bright side of things, always with a solution, always a rainbow at the end.

But I guarantee you that there have been days when my positivity was clouded, stormed even, because of disapppointments that come one after the other. Somewhere along a perfect life, there will be people whom you will meet only to find out that they are the ones that squeeze the goodness in you until you are all dried up and when you have nothing you are left on your own. It is guaranteed that there will be moments when it will seem that it is just you who understand yourself and you can’t even bring yourself to explain that you may be understood by those around you.

Despite the guarantees I have listed above, the truth is that God is good, He is in control and He has your back all the way until the end.

Load unloaded. Faith reloaded.



When I open my eyes to the works of your hand, I smile… and my heart starts singing praises to you. Thank you Lord for allowing us to witness your amazing work everyday.

~Jownism, watching the sunset on a Sunday afternoon~